Craft Giant Lacing Beads From A Foam Swim Noodle!

We played with this fun lacing project using some pretty unusual beads! It was a great way to take a fine motor skill activity like bead lacing and make it larger than life! The kids had fun, and the laced up beads quickly became "snakes" that they dragged around the house!

Here's how I did it. Gather your supplies: 1-2 foam noodles purchased from the dollar store. Yarn in any color, 1 chenille pipe cleaner (to make a "needle"), something to cut the foam with.

I used these household utility "scissors" that cut through virtually anything. They worked well. You could also try a hand saw, regular scissors, or a serrated knife...be willing to experiment, if things don't go well! :)

After you have cut all the "beads", tie one to the end of a length of yarn to stop the beads from falling off the end after they have been laced.

Make a lacing "needle" by doubling a piece of chenille pipe cleaner in half and twisting it around the same piece of yarn.

You are ready to start lacing! Thread the giant bead through the needle and along the yarn to make a "beaded" masterpiece!

We chose to use two foam swim noodles with different colors so that we could also work on ABAB patterning as well as fine motor skills. My only problem now is how and where to store them! got any ideas? :)

*This post based off a project seen in The Mailbox Magazine


  1. That is INSANELY cute! What an awesome idea! You rock!

  2. What a great creative idea!

  3. This is a fabulous idea! I am going to have to try this with my girls!

  4. This is a great idea! Just yesterday when I took my daughter to her 2 1/2 year check-up, her pediatrician recommended lacing cards or large beads to string to help her develop her fine motor skills. I think she would LOVE to string giant noodle beads!

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    I have given you a "Sisterhood" Blog Award!

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  6. This looks great. I have to admit my first thought was "I wonder how she stores this?"! I will wait to make it to see if you get any storage ideas. Our house is a disaster zone as it is, everything needs a storage plan. :)

    Cheers, Kiy

  7. Love the idea... they make great light sabers too...

  8. Thanks for another great idea, Michelle! I've linked to this one at One Crafty Place!

  9. another idea from you that I love and will have to do...if I can ever get out of the house to go to the store:) darling idea!

  10. I learned at a preschool homeschool seminar years ago that if children have trouble doing something, do it "bigger, louder, stronger." My 2 yo son refuses to lace. After seeing your post ... now we're talkin'!

  11. I love this! What a fun idea. This would be a good project to do after the summer, when our noodles have had their swimming day and need a new use.

  12. What a great idea! You have probably already figured out a way to store these, but just in case.... While my first preference is always an appropriately-sized clear box, I also like the Glad XL and XXL bags for storing large or oddly-shaped items. They have a handle at the top, so you might even be able to hang the beads for storage (since they are lightweight).

  13. Anonymous4:06 PM

    For storage, you could make a large simple draw-string bag that can hang from a hook in the closet. The bag could be made from an old sheet.


  14. Anonymous3:50 AM

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