What's Your Idea Of A Break?

I have a confession to make...

Sometimes I need a break.

Sometimes, I am so tired, I need a good strong cup of coffee to function in the morning (erm, afternoon.)
Sometimes, my kids are too wired...too hyped...too silly...And I need to be as far away from them as humanly possible.
Sometimes, I just want 5 minutes peace.

Sometimes I need a break.

So I want to know...What's your idea of a break?
  • A bath without incessant knocking at the bathroom door
  • A quiet moment, late a night with your spouse and a good movie
  • A cup of Starbucks coffee AT Starbucks
  • A an hour of blog reading
  • A stroll through the grocery store
Leave me a comment and tell me what you would do with a few minutes or hours of


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  1. Dani B9:36 PM

    Any quiet time is a break to me. There's always a phone ringing, kids fighting, cell phone buzzing, TV blaring...I just like things quiet. I don't care if everyone's sitting around reading or veggie out to a movie. I just prefer things quiet. That's my big break!

  2. I would love to be able to take a shower without having to bring the baby monitor into the bathroom with me. My son *usually* sleeps well, but I swear he knows right when I get my hair all lathered up with shampoo! I've had to jump out of the shower with shampoo in my hair too many times to count!

    I would love a 20 minute shower without having to worry about jumping out at any given time.

  3. My idea of a break is a nap where I am out like a light or just simple lunch with a friend. I love breaks. I am grateful that my husband is pretty good in providing me with breaks.

  4. If I lived back in the states, I would bend over backwards for a Starbucks iced caramel frap AT Starbucks. Being in GTMO, I would love to be able to bake something without constant whining to be picked up or the music from her Fridge DJ playing as my background music. :) I love it, though, but sometimes need a break, too.

  5. I feel refreshed after an hour or so of running errands by myself and nothing is better than a date night.

  6. My break would be just getting time to sit and relax, whether be in front of the computer, couch or in bed.

  7. When I put both kids down for a nap and then I just plop on the bed for a few minute until my older daughter comes out and says she not tired. Why do they have to grow out of naps :)

  8. My break is the kid's nap time. I get to watch MY shows while blogging, scrapbooking, or just resting. I am very lucky because my kids take 2-3 hour naps (including my 5 year old on short days). It is a great rejuvinator for the rest of the day!!!

  9. I love going to a coffee shop with a book. I rarely have time to read without interruptions and I always enjoy coffee.

  10. For me, a break can be any of the following:

    Good = Not having to hide my chocolate while I'm eating it.

    Better = A 10 min. snooze on the couch.

    Best = Running errands early Saturday morning - I 4 t imes as much done, spend less, make better decisions and I feel accomplished.

  11. Ladies, I can relate and appreciate all of these. Keep them coming.

    @Little ol' Liz - That happens o me all the time with the chocolate!

  12. I want to say nap, but I never really do it. Coffee, chai, a good book, peace & quiet, scrapping - anything that involves being alone, just for a little bit.

  13. Wandering through a book store by myself, reading a book at Starbucks, lunch by myself or with a friend (no kids), being in my home without another human being around - these are all breaks that recharge me. Unfortunately, I don't get enough of these!

  14. All of the above- except for the grocery shopping.

    Come and take a break over at Creative and Curious Kids- I gave you an award today!
    Here's the link:

    Take Care!

  15. I get my break when I am at work. But I like it when the boys are actively busy and productive and not fighting!

  16. I'm with "fiestywon"

    My idea of a PURE BLISS (aka a break) is an hour in the bookstore. I browse, I drool, I read, I explore, I sip coffee... I used to try to do this once a week, but it's been awhile. I sure could use a little Barnes and Noble time. :):)

  17. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I walk around target on friday nights, by myself while everyone is home with daddy and sometimes i add the fabric store too...

  18. I need a break now!! My daughter is at a really trying stage, plus she's sick. ugh. I'm hoping to get away tonight to starbucks to do some writing!! please, Lord... :)
    Glad to hear I'm not alone!

  19. Last night, it was watching re-runs of The Office uninterrupted :) It was much needed and very nice :)

  20. Peacefully blogging and catching up on other mama's blogs!

  21. I love some time in my stamping studio, with lovely Baroque music playing softly, and NO ONE asking for something to eat or drink!!!! My family will die shortly after I do because they are incapable of feeding themselves. Just sayin.


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