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Glitter Craft Project Link Up on March 12th!

I am inspired! I bought a jar of glitter at the craft store recently, see how it inspired me in this short vlog.


  1. oooo! Sounds awesome, count me in!

  2. Yea! We love glittery projects!

  3. You inspire me!! I want to do something with gold glitter! I'm so uncrafty though!

    I love how your cute personality shines through on this too! Great to see you on Saturday night!

  4. I like your hair straight! :):)

    Can't wait to see all the glittery FUN!!!!!

    and I read in one of my craft books that little ball of play- dough is perfect for glitter clean up.

  5. haha! I just realized I look like I am drugged out in the freeze frame that shows up on the screen!