Friday Find: Paper Muffin Cups at Daiso

I found these food cups at a Japanese store here in San Diego called Daiso. The link is to their online store. It's like the American dollar store, only everything cost about $1.89. These items are traditionally used for bento box meals and lunches, but I think they work perfect for muffin tin meals too!

Look what we had for a snack!

The little trays are for tea service, but they fit the cups perfectly!

**disclaimer: These muffin cups were coated with a thin layer of plastic called polypropelene which is akin to the exposure of drinking a bottle of water or a soda. Please be very careful about what kinds of plastics you serve food in, always check and see what the product is made out of.


  1. Fun stuff! I wish that we had a dollar store like that around here, but we just have regular dollar stores.

  2. Cool. I am in Japan, and Daiso runs a lot of the 100¥ (which is about $1.12) stores here.

    I love this stuff.

    So nice to see there's a place to get it when I move back to CA.


  3. Very cool! What fun stuff and just think it's here in our city! What a cool place we live in! Those are super fun things to serve a snack in!

    Did you turn me onto the Easy Lunch Box.com? I love them and wanted to give them a shout out on my blog and tell them where I found them through...but now I don't know who I found them through? Does that all make since? Let me know...

  4. Just wanted to tell you that I really dig your blog!

  5. I AM SO JEALOUS!!! I have been looking for those sauce containers everywhere... We don't have any good stores in the Chicagoland area. You are one lucky chick! :)

  6. I love those! Wish we had a store like that in Austin.

  7. What a cool idea!! I just purchased some silicone muffin tins with the thought of doing this very thing for the kids! Love it and will be following to get some inspiration!


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