Muffin Tin Meal: Healthy After School Snack

Create healthier after school snack options with muffin cups. You can cut out the prep time and prepare muffin tin snacks ahead of time. whether on a plate or nestled in a Snapware container, muffin cups are a great for everything from fruits and veggies to dips and sauces. Leave them in the fridge for the kids to nibble on when they get home from school!

Carrots, Lettuce "chips", pear pieces, blueberries in square shaped muffin cups


  1. Great tip! I will have to leave some muffin snacks in the fridge for after school now :D

  2. I wonder if JDaniel would eat lettuce if I called it "chips"?

  3. Awesome idea! Making healthy eating just as fun as eating a cupcake.

  4. Super healthy! I love the idea of calling it lettuce "chips"!


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