Fresh Frozen Pure Strawberry Sorbet

frozen strawberries
Pure frozen strawberries blended into a strawberry sorbet or granita-like dessert and topped with Nature Box brand granola. There’s no added sugar to the strawberries and no water, just pure strawberry yumminess.

I was inspired by Nita’s guest post yesterday about her frozen banana soft serve to see if it would work with strawberries. It did! It’s a little slushier, more like a gelato or a sorbet, but still tasty. The sweetness of the sorbet depends on the sweetness of the strawberry.
.For 4 methods on how to freeze strawberries smoothies, desserts and more, check out Simple Bites


  1. Yum that looks so good with the granola. Thanks for the shout out too!! When peaches come back in season, they work well with this too. You can add a little non-dairy milk for creamier peaches.

  2. This really looks refreshing! I will so be making this in the summer!

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