12 Netflix Movies For Tween Girls

As a parent and a Netflix subscriber, I am always on the lookout for fun Netflix movies for kids that I can watch with them. Recently, my tween daughter and I have enjoyed curling up and watching romances. If you have a Netflix subscription and a tween girl, you might want to check out some of these fun movies on Netflix streaming. We've seen most of these, although, some like Romancing the Stone and It Could Happen To You are still on our list.

A Cinderella Story (PG) - Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray star in this modern day high school take on the classic Cinderella fairytale.

13 Going on 30 (PG-13) - Possibly the penultimate tween/pre-teen movie starring Jennifer Garner and Mark Garafalo. For your information, does include some more adult themes but overall a great movie for older tweens and young teens.

Earth To Echo (PG): A modern adventure and creative spin on the youth alien movie genre. Kids who love technology will love this one especially. Great for 10 years and older.

Hoot (PG) - Can the New kid in town save the wild owls from danger. We haven't seen this one yet.

Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves - (PG-13) Better for older tweens and early teens. It's  a 90's move that stands the test of time. Does include some darker themes including brief witchcraft, and a brief tush shot that you can fast forward through.

Stardust (PG-13) A romantic movie featuring, action, adventure, and magic. Be warned, there are several scary parts that may not be suitable for children under 11, including some witchcraft. Perfect for older tweens and early teens. 

From Time to Time - A british movie about a young boy who travels in time on his families estate to unlock mysteries of his family's past. He befriends a young girl along the way.

Paulie (PG) - The tale of a parrot who goes on a journey to reunite with his long lost owner. Heart-warming and moving and perfect for tweens.

The Prince and Me (PG) - A royal looking for some normalcy meets a smart, confident college student. Stars Julia Stiles.

The Princess Bride (PG) : Sword fighting, adventure, and of course true love. This classic fairytale movie is a delight. Parents should know there are a few scary-ish parts that can be fast forwarded for younger tweens if desired.

Fairytale: A True Story (PG) - In 1917, two young cousins photograph fairies. Made in 1997

Journey To The Christmas Star (G) - A Christmas movie about a young 14 year old girl who journeys to the Christmas star in search of a missing princess.

Updated October 2016, No longer available on streaming, but still available through the Netflix DVD service and some really great choices:

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (PG) - Based on the book of the same title, this heartwarming coming of age drama follows 4 best girl friends who part ways over the summer but are connected through a mysterious pair of pants that seem to fit all four girls and ignites a confidence in each of the girls. They pass the pants on to each other throughout the story. It's heartfelt and resonates with tweens and young teen girls that are navigating the changing world around them. All four girls shine in their performances.

Finding Neverland (PG) - Based on the story of how James Barrie came to write the famous Peter Pan. Does tackle some adult themes of death and dying. Probably best for older tweens and early teens.

Pride and Prejudice (2005) - Staring Keira Knightly. Shorter than the beloved mini-series and has more of a modern tone. Haven't seen this one in a while, but probably good for 11 years and older.

Ever After (PG) An adaption of the classic Cinderella story. Angelica Houston really steals the show as the Evil Stepmother.

The Man From Snowy River (PG) - An action romance set in the backdrop of the Australian countryside. It's   slower paced, so if your tween doesn't mind, it's a wonderful film. 

It Could Happen to You (PG) - A cop comes up short on pocket change for a tip and promises a waitress half of his potential winnings from a lottery ticket. Has a great message about what's important in life.

Romancing The Stone (PG) - before the ratings change) An older movie that holds up over time. Has action, adventure and romance. Stars Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas. 

Freaky Friday (PG) - A great remake of the original.

Akeelah and The Bee (PG)- A wonderful movie featuring a strong female lead who is striving to compete in a regional Spelling Bee.

The Perfect Game (PG) - Although it's centered around a boy's baseball team, the themes are important and relatable for all kids. 

Ella Enchanted: Great for younger girls too, this cinderella story with a twist is a fun and quirky comedy with an independent female lead and a positive message.

Harriet The Spy (PG) - A fun movie featuring a strong independent female lead who learns some important life lessons under the guidance of her nanny. Perfect for the younger tween ages.

Parent Trap: A decent remake of the original. Although I am somewhat partial to the Haley Mills version, Natasha Richardson shines as the girls' mother.

Sabrina (PG) - This remake of the Audrey Hepburn original is a charming, winsome and dreamy romance and somewhat of a coming of age story for the lead character. Stars Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond. The Audrey Hepburn version is also on Netflix.

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Did we miss your favorite streaming Netflix movie for tween girls? What would you add to this list?