Cookie Dough, "The Terminal" and "Spartan"

Sounds like a weird title I know...But it has to do with my life in the last day or two.

Let me just get the cookie dough story out of the way...It is a shameful, shameful tale. For the past few nights...to protect the innocent I won't say how many nights...But for the past few nights, I have been waking up in the middle of the night. I think to myself "I'm pretty hungry right now, I could go for a little something sweet." So I rummage around until I find something worth consuming and I eat it on my way back to bed. (I wonder if Trevor knows I do this...). Here's the big problem with that. One...Everytime I go to the kitchen, I trip over something in the dark. Two...It's never good to eat in the middle of the night. Three..And most importantly...It's NEVER a good idea to eat cookie dough in the middle of the night...My friends, the cookie dough calls to me in my sleep. It's saying "A spoonful won't hurt you"...Sure, one spoonful won't hurt, but two might and three is definitely dangerous. I contemplate not getting up to eat the dough, but my sweet tooth overrides any rational thought. So, here I am...A "cookie dough junkie" hiding my sickness in the middle of the night.

Trevor and I saw "The Terminal" with my dad and loved it!! Quality film making. I was trying to decide what Tom Hanks would be doing without Steven Speilberg and what Steven would be doing with out Tom. Quite the friendship, I must say. But, they never cease to make fantastic movies. I particuarly enjoy Hanks' character choices. There is a scene..well, just go see it for yourselves!!

Of lesser quality, but more intrigue is a movie called "Spartan" with Val Kilmer, William H. Macy, and "Al Bundy" (I think his name is Ed something). Anyway, woooh, was I on the edge of my seat! It is sort of a military/suspense/action/drama. Val Kilmer is intent on rescuing a kidnapped girl and he plays this "black ops" agent who is a loner type. Worth renting (it's out on DVD)!!!


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