The Good, The Bad, and the Sunburnt

Well, this weekend was a mix of events...Friday, a celebration of our friend Jim Britts' 27th Birthday. We went to Red Robin at the Irvine Spectrum. It was a great time, until Kya got fussy (as is her usual habit) and we had to go. It stresses me out when she get like she does. I am not able to shake it off as easliy as I would like to. But, It was a wonderful time with friends.

Saturday, ah, Saturday...well, it was a good effort. Our Garage Sale with the Voss Family was disappointing. I think it was because we didn't have any big items to sell. The Syberts made a whopping thirteen dollars (no I am not ashamed to say it) and we spent $10 for lunch wich left us with three dollars!!) I will say that it was one of the more relaxing Saturdays I have had in a long time. Kya did pretty good. We cleaned up early and we watched TV and a movie to round out the evening. My gift from the Sun that day is a nasty sunburn. And when I say nasty, I mean, the kind that aches even when you aren't touching it. Lobster red... But, a day that could have been really bad, was made great by good friends and lots of relaxation.

Sunday, was also filled with good things. Sunday morning a church learning about God's Word. Did you know that the same word for Pure also means "thoroughly tested"? God is so good. We also had a wonderful time at Grandma and Grandpa Paynter's home.

To top it all off, I saved HUGE with coupons this week at the Market! So we saved a lot of money! Praise the Lord!!!!!


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