A moment of respite

Do I take a shower? Do I clean up the kitchen? Do I take a nap? Do I cut coupons? Do I... These are all things I think about when Kya goes down for a nap...I thought about taking a shower, but then if I go for a walk when she wakes up, I usually get hot out there and then feel like taking one when I get back anyway. so, here I am using my precious time to write. But I did change my sheets, organize the coupons and straighten the living room. ( I have yet to fold some laundry). BUT abig praise is that she slept 12 hours last night!!! 7 to 7!! This is a big deal in the Sybert Family. We are trying to get her on a 7 to 7 schedule (we were trying last night), so maybe this is a good start. (I haven't slept in til 7 on a weekday in a long time) Praise the Lord for sleep!! I wonder how long it will last. It could be because we fed her a teensy bit of oatmeal before her bottle and she ate all of it without spitting much up...not too much...


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