Rock and Roll Marathon

This weekend Trevor and I went down to San Diego to see his parents and watch our friend Ryan run in the Rock and Roll Marathon. 26.2 miles of madness! Ryan finished at 2 hrs 49 min which is about a 6 min 30 sec mile. I think running a marathon is something that I will never aspire to, but admire those who do. Anyone who can do that has to have such discipline and courage to go the distance. I was able to have a bit of a break, praise the Lord, while Kya was being watched by Trevor's parents. God is so good. It is exactly what I needed. A good nap and time away. We were also blessed with a computer monitor and groceries as gifts from Trevor's parents. Again the Lord providing for our budget needs. I can't believe it! I didn't know what we were going to do, but God is displaying his glory through us and those who love us. I think about how trevor and I are able to go on a date night every week, while my parents watch her...God providing...As I sit here I look around our apartment and I see how blessed we are! We have so much to treasure. Not earthly, but in the fact that people who love us have given of their time and resources so that God might be glorified! wow...


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