Snuggle Bug! Kya in some "new" jammies. I was rying to make her sit up, but she wasn't very proficient at it. So, I settled for laying on her back. By the looks of it, she was having a great time! Posted by Hello


  1. my grandaughter is so beautiful - Grandma shirley mentioned to me how very much she looks like my mom - who was so beautiful! I am going to ask jim and kerry if I can go thru their trunk of McEwen/McCool family pictures (they were pics that big uncle jim had saved) I'm sure there are some of my mom as a baby and I will get copies and send to you. Please send me a couple of hard copy pictures of my grandaughter - I need to brag!

  2. ps - I want to see some pictures of my beautiful daughter with my grandaughter - shelly you must be the photographer in the family cause they are all of Trevor and Kya - not that I mind looking at his handsome mugg - but I need to see you too shelly - love to you - mom