Stevie Nicks and Kya's Magic Blanket

Kya has a blanket that was made by my sister Heather. It is this snuggly warm knitted blanket that Kya loves to go to sleep with. She takes her naps with it and when she is tired, she burys her face in it. She loves it so much, in fact, that she prefers it to all other blankets!

Kya also has a magic song...Last night, Trevor and I were visiting the Shermans and their new baby. Kya was crying on the way over, but the moment we put "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac on, she stopped crying instantly! Trevor even tested it by switching on the radio. And sure enough little miss tears began to cry again (So we switched back to Stevie). Wow!

LAst night we were playing a game called "Imagine If". And a topic of discussion came up. Is Tweety Bird a boy or a girl? I said it's neither and they all said it is a girl. What do you think? I invite you to comment...


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