The Angels and a Jumperoo

Last night Trevor and I were able to go to the Angels game. My parents have season tix along the third base line. I have such sweet memories from going to the games as a child. Memories with my Dad, memories with my Grandpa. It's where I first learned what an RBI is. Trevor is now my educator (I still need help sometimes with the rules and such). We were able to take two friends, Chris and Stacia. I used to work with Stacia at my Dad's office and it was really nice to catch up with her and hear how she is doing. She and Chris both attended Biola.

As I am writing this, Kya is playing in her Jumperoo. The Voss' let us borrow theirs while Kristiaan is not using it. She loves it more than the doorway jumper. She stays in it longer and gets more excited. Maybe because it uses diiferent leg muscles...I don't know. But it is pretty fun to watch her.

Not sure what we are going to do today...maybe the park or something.


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