As Beethoven plays in the background

As I write this, little "sugar plum" is watching her Baby Beethoven video with Daddy.

The Fourth of July was a wonderful day!! We took Kya over to Grandpa and Grandma Paynter's (that still sounds weird to me sometimes!)and we had a relaxing day by the pool. We took Kya in the water for about one minute before she started to cry. The water was a bit chilly for a baby, but she did enjoy her floating raft! (Pictures of the event to follow soon). We then headed over to The YOrba Linda Middle School for the 16th Annual Fireworks Show! My Dad and I both remember going to the very first one together. Besides Christmas, I think Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. The Firworks this year were exceptional. Yorba Linda really knows how to do it right. It took my breath away! We brought Kya, until her bedtime, when we took her over to Aunt Mary Lou and Uncle Craig's house. They babysat her for us and we are sooooo appreciative!! It was a picture to see her snuggled in her magic blanket. We did realize that not only can you see the fireworks from their house, but it's so great it's as if you were there!! We might have to bring Kya over next year when she is older so we can enjoy the festivities from a safe and fun place (that is if they will have us!!)
Today, we got her "5 month" pictures taken. I put it in parentheses because she is 3 weeks older than that, but I want to have pictures for every month so I can see how she has grown. (Plus it will be a wonderful keepsake for her to have!)


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