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I had this story to tell about our date nite last night, but then Kya "yacked" all over herself in the jumperoo and I had to clean it up. It was everywhere. I know spitting up is part of being a baby, but it's still gross and I think I hate it more than dirty diapers. Are you grossed out now? But to give you an update on Kya: She is doing extremely well! She has two teeth on the bottom front. She now is solidly in 6-9 months clothes. She loves to be in the jumperoo. she loves going for walks. She is growing in blode hair! We have taken her in the pool several times now and she is a little fish-already kicking and splashing! She has three "friends", Kristiaan and Emma and Karise. We go to a mom's group every thursday where we meet up with other "friends". She is into the tags on all her toys, blankets, burp clothes, etc. they fascinate her to no end. She belly laughs all the time now and finds the slightest little thing funny. She is going through a seperation anxiety stage where she hates to be away from mom and dad (which I love to be honest). Her eyes get bluer every day- and her cheeks chubbier. We love her so much!!!!!


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