Going to the Glen

Today I went to The Glen Ivy Day Spa at the Brea Mall. About three months ago, my cousin (and my good friend) Michelle (many of you may remember her as a bridesmaid in my wedding)gave me a gift certificate to get a massage. What a gift! She shows such kindess to me! I chose to go today and get my massage. It was an experience. Right from the start you feel pampered and taken care of. They give you your own sandals and terry cloth robe. You have your own locker and there is a wonderful women's spa area. The spa area includes a huge jacuzzi, steam room, showers, and lounge. You are escorted to and from the room by your massage therapist. While this wasn't the best massage I have ever had (it was still very nice), it was by far the best facility I have ever been to. I truly enjoyed myself! Once you are done with the massage, you are free to stay and enjoy the amenities. You also have the luxury of spa quality shampoos, body wash, etc. What I enjoyed the most was 1) the "rainforest" shower where the water came down from directly above, and 2)the hairbrushes, blowdryer, rubberbands, etc. that were available for the patrons. Like I said, It was an experience. I highly recommend it to everyone.


  1. It WASN"T the best massage? When was your best? The one when you were pregnant? I think that getting a massage would be the same concept of have more kids...how do you NOT love one of them more? You love them all...differently (heehee)

  2. I think the reason it wasn't the best massage is because the pressure was too light. You are right Alicia, the best was when I was 8 months pregnant! It was fabulous! Maybe it was because I needed it more (sore muscles and all)but really all massages are great!

  3. Your day at the spa sounded awsome! I'm really going to have to do that someday. Maybe I'll hint to John that it would make a great Christmas or Birthday gift =)