Insomnia and Allergies

I am Allergic to a lot of things. Mold. Dust. A large number of Trees. Every kind of grass. Ragweed. Orange trees. I took a test at a Dr's Office. I was supposed to go in for shots twice a week of like 6 years, but who wants to do that? So... I have just lived with it. lived with it, floks. Of all of the stupid choices to make, that would be number one. For one thing, it doesn't just go away. And, secondly, I am miserable! I am thinking of taking Allegra or over the counter Claritin or something, because I need relief and benadryl just doesn't cut it anymore.

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  1. Michelle, I have bad allergies too, and I feel your pain
    ! I'm allergic to dust, weeds, and grass. I'm actually doing the allergy shots. It is quite a commitment at first (going in twice a week) but then after a few months it changes to once a week, and than twice a week (which is what I'm just starting now), and then once a month, and then like twice a year for a few years until you reach that 5-6 year mark. I recommend it. I think they have already helped, but I guess they will really kick in next allergy season. I also use Allegra and Flonase. I really thinkthe flonase spray helps a lot, especially if you get sinus pressure with your allergies. Just let me know if you have any questions or anything. It's soo much nicer for me now that I don't suffer as bad!!