Kya "swimming" at The Voss' home(5 mo. 3wks).(Not pictured are Kristiaan Voss (11 mo.3wks) and Emma Whittington (8 mo. 2 wks). Posted by Hello

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    My name is Julie (Hazard)Heizelman. You probably don't remember me, but I'm a freind of Rachel B. and Alica V's ( Ileave in Oregon, but went to Biola with thenm). I was a brides maid in Rachel's wedding and at her and Jim's bridal shower before that with my then boyfriend, now husband John (really tall guy). I remember meeting you and thinking you seemed very nice. Anywas, Alcia told me she had started this blog thing, and so got me hooked on it too. On her first blog she had your name in it, and it linked me to you blog spot (hope that's ok?). Anyways, I've enjoyed reading you blogs. Kya is just the cutest little girl. Your faith and trust in the Lord is so evident! It's been an encouragement for me. If you ever want to vistit my blog, I'm at http://juliehs.blogspot.com
    and e-mail hjazzy25@aol.com