A Special Day

Saturday, we celebrated Kristiaan Voss' One year birthday! It was such a joy to be there with Aaron and Alicia and Kristiaan and our friends.  I was struck by how in one year their lives are so different (as are ours with Kya). In a such a good way that it be fully expressed. Can it be that a year ago he was just being born? This little person, this crawling,walking, growing boy I hae only known for a year! I remember getting  the phone call and I remember getting to feed him a bottle and when he fell asleep on my shoulder while we were visiting and thinking I can't wait to have one of my very own! He is growing up to be such a sweet little boy.  Aaron and Alicia show him such love!! It is hard to belive that in 3 months, we will be celebrating Emma Whittington's one year birthday and then our precious Kya's big day!! After seeing all of the neat things that Alicia did for Kristiaan, I have been thinking about what I will do for Kya. Will there be a theme? How many people to invite...What kind of invitations do I want to make? I know she wont remember any of it. But there will be pictures and of course I will remember all of it!!


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