Two Bones to Pick

I have a bone to pick, no, I have two bones to pick.  First, the Child Guidance Center. About a month ago, we recieved a letter, stating that if we sent in an included postcard, we would be recieving a call from a rep from the Child Guidance Center and they would set up a time to come and "talk" to us about the center and what they do.  They also promised a bunch of free stuff, including a free digital camera. So, a week later, I recieve a call and we set up a time, which was the following monday. Whle on the phone they ask if they can ask me some questions about our child and reading. So, I answer the questions (about 3, I think)  and that's it.   I get a call the next day. They don't have a rep in that area right now and they will call to reschedule. aaaahhh...here is the beef...they never called back. So, I called them to see what the problem was (thank goodness for Caller ID). The Line was disconnected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am pretty sure it was a scam.  What kind of person would use children to scam people of their information and possibly money??

The second bone I have to pick is with the Radio Station 93.9 KZLA. They are giving away tickets to the Orange County Fair and I called and got through to a woman.  I asked her if they were giving away tickets, she said that they were doing that next. I asked how long "next " was and she said right away, and if I am caller 12, I get the tix. So, I hang up and not two seconds later, I am listening on the radio and she says to call in. Of course, to be caller 12 you have to have called like 15 minutes ahead of time. Trevor says they clear the line before they accept any calls for that. Well, that stinks!!! I got through, darn it!! I want to be caller 12!!!! It would be so fun, Trevor and I go every year (the last three years). Have I done enough whining???


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