Before I Forget

Before I forget my crazy dream, let me just break it down for you. Many of you who know me, know that my dreams are always bizarre and detailed and always in color. Yes, I dream in color (or at least my mind percieved it that way). So anyway, the dream. After feeding Kya this morning and I went back to sleep for an hour, while I slept I dreamed that I was at Trevor's Grammy new house. Have I seen this house before? No. But in my dream I had been there before. I walk in and the stove have a pot of something boiling. On the kitchen floor is this pan with grease burning in it. And the oven has something on fire inside. I can't find Grammy. Only now my mind tells me that we aren't at Grammy's house, but my grandma shirley's from washington. The furniture has changed. I can see her gold colored davenport with a blanket over the back in the corner.Weird. So, I still can't find anyone. All of a sudden I begin to feel dizzy. And the room starts to black out. But I can still make out where I am. Everything sounds far away. Then...I look down at my tummy and it is moving. Like in Alien. But it doesn't hurt. And then I realize that this whole time in my dream I have been 7 months pregnant!!!! I sit down on the ledge that seperates the kitchen from the dining room and I think this is just like the time I almost fainted with Heather and Robyn. (Only in real life, that has never happened, I did faint after I had Kya, though). This whole time I am fighting so hard not to faint. Then, Grammy and Gramps walk in (it's back to being her house again) with someone else I don't know and I am sooo glad to see them. They turn off the oven, the stove, and they pick up the pan. They don't say anything about it though. I say "I'm pregnant" and they say "we know"...and then I wake up!!!!

I think this one goes down in my crazy dream hall of fame as being one of the weirdest ever.

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  1. Okay, first of all, I thought that everyone dreams in color??? I have had some pretty weird drems, but that one was pretty kooky...the fact that you remember so much of your dream is so cool!