"The Bourne" Rocks

Well worth the twenty dollars spent last night, The Bourne Supremacy delivers a powerful edge-of-your-seat experience. While camera angles and movement were a bit distracting at times, they did add to the over frantic pace of the film. Damon does a convincing job reprising his role as Jason Bourne. While many leads become a bit sloppy and self-assured (by the first film's box office results) the second time around, Damon compels us to his character with body language that speaks volumes. With one glance, stare, or snatch of a gun, we feel his determination, his intelligence, and we seek to know his past as much as he does. Beautifully shot and directed by Paul Greengrass , the films visual journey works to support the overall theme: Truth sought and bought at all costs. Locationally, the film successfully takes viewers across India, Europe, and Russia drawing the audience deeper into the story at every stop.
This is a film franchise that has a future...that is, if Damon, Greengrass, and the rest of the cast and crew choose to work together again. The Bourne Supremacy reigns supreme-five stars!


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