Dr Leonards

Did you lnow that there is a "magazine" out there called Dr Leonard's Discount Healthcare Catalog???? This is crazy! Basically it is full of ads to prey upon old people and their money. we recieved one (don't know how) in the mail. They have a five foot sink hose, where they claim "Any sink can become an instant shower." They sell "Mumus" and socks that relieve vericose veins. Teh have clocks with extra large LCD screens. They even have a Will Kit!! where you can prepare you own will, living will, or living trust!! Thw coolest thing I saw, is a "swivel cushion" for your car. you place it on the seat and it turns your body for you so it is easier to get in and out of the car!! I need one of those!!! Anyway, I thought it was all pretty funny!


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