Woo-hoo! Let's hear it for superstar Trevor!!! He was on TV last night!!! His friend Aaron invited him down for the Sportszone post show down at the ESPN Zone at Downtown Disney. Kya and I met Trevor down there for a short while, but then we had to go because it was a guy's night. He got to hang out, play games, and be there for the post show. If you watched it, he and Aaron were all over the camera. I think I even saw Aaron talking on his cell phone! Trevor got to meet the host, Rob Fugasaki and the best part of the whole evening was when at the end of the show the host is saying goodbye and there's Trevor sitting down behind him mouthing "I love you, Michelle"!!!!! Seriously, I know it might sound silly, but that was one of the most romantic things ever done for me!!!! I will remember it forever...I'm so glad I didn't go, because that would have never happened!


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