Excuse Me?

Yesterday I went to go pick up Kya's pictures from JC Penney and as the lady (someone I had never seen before) was finished helping me, she saying "Is this your fisrt baby?" and I said "Yes, it is." She says "I can tell." I think to myself "Excuse me? What is that supposed to mean? Because I got a lot of pictures of her?" And since when is that a bad thing? It could had also been because I was talking to Kya while we were waiting. Again, since when is that a bad thing? I was thoroughly offended by her comment.


  1. She's just jelous=)

  2. You know, I think the talking thing does throw people. I walk around the store talking to Kristiaan and asking him questions...sometimes I get a few wierd looks. But yes...HOW RUDE!!!

  3. It might have been the pictures, too. I think people tend to get a lot of pictures of their firsts. Which JCP do you go to? There was a new lady (just covering) at ours and she said my pictures wouldn't be in for a month, which was totally wrong!