If you can't say anything nice...

I have the phrase "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all" running through my head. I guess that is the holy spirit convicting me of my complaining attittude. After going to the communion service last night and hearing our friend Laura talk about how you began to count your blesssings after a mission trip to Mexico. The blessing of a shower every night. The blessing of a cool breeze while working in the heat. The blessing of good friends to work with. Instead of complaining about how dirty they were, they were thankful for the shower, and instead of complaining about the heat, they were thankful for the cool breeze. This is the kind of Christ-like attitude I need to have daily! Instead of complaining about Kya crying or spitting up, I am thankful that she is a healthy and very happy baby!!! Instead of complaining about how tired I am, I will focus on the blessing of still having energy left and the blessing of being able to stay at home with her!! Pray fo me that I continue in this way of thinking!

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  1. I will pray for you, if you will pray the same for me! It's all about perspective isn't it! Thanks for the reminder!!! I love you!