Is it August Already?

Yesterday, we had a wonderful day! We slept in (as much as possible) and then we went to go get Kya's 6 month pictures taken. We did family portraits as well. They turned out sooooo good! I can't wait to get them back. Then we had a coupon for Carrows right by our house, so we went there for lunch. Then we came home and relaxed some more. We ended the night with the Whittingtons coming over for a short dip in pool and pizza. I figured out how to make the video part of our digital camera work!! I have a short 30 video of Emma playing. I can't wait to tape Kya!!

Alicia was commenting on her blog about how July went by so fast...and I have to agree. Where did the time go? Kya is 6 months already!!! I will say we had a very busy month with Fourth of July, Kyle's Wedding, and Grace EV Free's VBS...it has been hectic and fast!


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