Is no news good news?

Kya has an agent to get her commercial and film auditions...wait we interupt this blog post to bring you some news.....Kya held herself up at the coffee table-standing all by herself!!! woo-hoo! Back to our regularly scheduled programming...her agent has not been calling with auditions for the last month. So, I am going to update her picture and I am going to call the agency. I want her to be able to audition more. She is just so cute and she is going through a really neat stage! This coming weekend is the garage sale at my dad and robyn's. We are going to help out and hopefully help them get rid of a lot of uneeded stuff (and a lot of other people's uneeded stuff)! I enjoy garage sales, it's the clean up and getting rid of all the stuff that didn't sell that I don't like.


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