On to new things...

I think it has been long enough. I wanted to keep our family portrait up long enough so everyone had time to see it! What do you think? Pretty great, eh? Now, on to more of life. We had another full weekend. Dinner with the Voss Family on Friday night-complete with a rousing game of True Colors. Saturday, Trevor's parents came up from Vista and we had a wonderful day. they took us out to lunch and Tisa and I went shopping while Trevor and Neil hit a bucket of balls. Trevor has been putting his "new" clubs to good use! We watched two of our betflix movies on saturday night . Sunday it was making "muddy buddies" for the Paynter-Realty company picnic and then going to the picnic and then the Josh Groban concert. Valerie and Jeff Goyer were kind of to let us have their tickets due to a vacation conflict. what a gift! It was a fabulous concert. He sang one song in spanish that was accompanied by a violin. It made me cry... This morning is starting off a little rough...unlike Alicia, who seems to anticipate the coming week with readiness...I dread it. I love having Trevor home on the weekends...I love the things i can get done!! And the time we spend together. I always seem to have (to quote "Office Space") a case of the "Mondays" every week. Kya has started only taking 45 minute naps again. It just started back up today and I a little worried about it. I hope it is only a short term thing. She need her rest!!! She is not herself without sleep! Well, that's about it on the Sybert homefront.


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