Sweet Relief

Last night Trevor and I went on our weekly Date Night. It was so wonderful. On the sour of the moment we decided to go to Spagetti Factory for dinner. It is my favorite Restaurant of all time. Afforadble, Good Food, and you get salad, bread and spumoni ice cream all with your meal. woo-hoo! It brought back memories of going there when I was a little girl and laying a penny on the train tracks to have it flattened. I remember going there with my two best girlfriends in high school to look at the cute waiters! And most recently,I remember going on dates with Trevor there. Do you know something, since High School, I have ordered the same meal every single time I go... Spagetti with White Clam Sauce, salad with thousand island dressing, and spumoni ice cream (sometimes I through in an Ice Tea as a variable). It was a wonderful night with good food and great company!!!


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