After all, Tomorrow is another day...

It's tomorrow. Tomorrow from my bad day yesterday. So far, at 9:30am everything is going well. I have had a peaceful morning with time to take a shower and complete a few scrapbook pages. I am looking forward to Thursday night's workshop where I can complete a bunch more!! Today I am getting together with Melody, Joni and Rosemary from our church. We are going to read "The Power of a Praying Wife" together. I have already started chapter one and let me just say that it is a challenging book. Not challenging to read, but the prayer it (and God)asks of us, I believe, is going to be life changing for me.

Tomorrow is date night and Trevor and I have something special planned. We are going to visit the Getty Museum. This is a special place to us. It is where we went on one of our first dates! It is a beautiful place, full of exceptional art! I can't wait!!!!!


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