Another Full Weekend!

Friday night was a wonderful "date night" for Trevor and I. We went to the Getty Museum. Trevor was able to get off an hour early and we had a wonderful time. We had been there once before when we were first dating, so it was nice to revisit those memories and creat new ones!! we visited the gardens (so beautiful!) and we then visited the west building (just a litlle) and spent most of our time in the south building with neo-classical paintings and decorative art. Can I just say "wow!". It was so beautiful. I now have a greater respect for artists of that age!

Saturday we hung out with my dad and robyn at their house and then headed up to Santa Barbara for the westmont class of 99 alumni dinner. It was so much fun!!!! I am so glad we went! I got to see a lot of familiar faces and hear about how people are doing!

Sunday it was a babyshower and going away party for the carmichaels and an Angels game for Trevor, my Dad, Jimmy and Al. They won!


s a cold today, so we are keeping low. she is miserable and it is her first real cold!


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