Cord Blood Registry

I have entered this contest with the Cord Blood Registry. It will be held on October First. If I win, we will recieve 18 years free banking for baby #2's cord blood!!! I hope we win!! It would be really great to have that security. That means that if I, Kya, or baby #2 ever get sick the chances of that cord blood matching for the healing of certain cancers (and soon heart disease) is very high. It can still be used for other relatives, but the chances of a match are less likely. It is also a better way to use stem cells for research (instead of creating embryos for those stem cells). The Cord Blood is taken at delivery from baby #2's umbilical cord. I was going to do it with Kya, but I totally forgot. If we don't win, I am just going to donate the cord blood instead of store it. It's a pretty amazing thing, cord blood!


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