Good Friends Make up for Bad Days

So, Kya is doing well. Trevor is doing well. We had a good weekend down with his family...Robyn, Jimmy's girlfriend left for Paris on sunday morning. I am very sad that she is gone. She is already like a sister to me. And she adores Kya. I hope she is doing well in her new place in France....
I had a bad day today. Kya didn't nap well in the morning. Then I went over to Alicia's and she watched Kya while I went to my first Doctor's Appt for Baby #2. While I don't want to slam the med center for women. I had a really bad experience at the doctor. They forot to give my chart to my doctor's nurse, so it was 45 before they called my name. Then I waited in the room another 15 minutes. They visit took 15 minutes and I had to spend another 15 working out my future appointments. I mean seriously, how do you keep patients with that kind of service. I really didn't feel comfortable with this doctor, she didn't even smile when she walked in or said goodbye. She didn't validate my concerns and I really don't feel like I can trust her. Then tonight, I found out that one of my future shows was postponed (not that big of a deal) and that the album I was going to make for a client fell through and blogger isn't working right...it's all a mess!! But, I will say this, It made my day to go over to Alicia's and just veg. I got to sit wile Kya took a nap and talk to a good friend. Alicia is really giving. She made me lunch, she watched Kya and then she spent the afternoon with me after my appointment and graciously listened to me complain about it!! So, Alicia, thanks!! It made my day more bearable.

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  1. Any time Michelle! Thanks for the compliment =)