Kya's Doctor Visit

Kya went to see Dr. Rueben today and it was a success! She barely cried and had tons of smiles for nurse Michelle and Dr. Rueben! (She only cried when they gave her two shots.) Good news: She weighs 19 lbs and 9 ounces-80% (her baby diet worked!) and she is 28 1/2 inches tall-95%. her head is 44 cm-70% She is doing so good!!! I love Dr. Rueben. He is so friendly and reassuring. And his office is so close!!! And she even went down for a short third nap this afternoon so she won't be a pill this evening!!! It's a good day!


  1. We go to Dr. Rueben, too! Alex takes her girls to him to, so that's how I found him. We've only been to him once, but I really liked him.

  2. We go to Dr. Reuden also! I've only been once but really liked him. Alex takes her girls to him, thats how I heard about him.

  3. Sorry bout that double post there...talk about a delay! =)