Kya's First Trip to Disneyland!!

Last night we went with The Voss Family to Disneyland for adventure, fun, and a late dinner. It was no nice of them to invite for an evening out with the kids! Kya got to stay up way past her bedtime. It was so much fun!! I have to say that you haven't experienced wonder until you experience "It's a Small World" through a child's eyes for the very first time. I couldn't take my eyes off my sweet little girl. Her face was aglow, trying so hard to take it all in! One of my favorite moments of the evening was sitting with Aaron, Alicia, and Kristiaan (and Trevor and Kya) and watching Kya and Kristiaan reach out for each other across high chairs, both of them squeling in delight! when we left the restaurant, it looked like the aftermath of a war zone underneath Kya's high chair. There were cherrios and cornbread crumbs everywhere!!


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