Picture Perfect

On a sort of spur of the moment idea, I took Kya to get her picture taken today at JC Penney. She never does well without Trevor there and today was no exception. She looked adorable and the pictures came out great. But the guy who took the pictures was so lame! he didn't make faces at her of even get her to smile (I did all the work) and then he had no idea what backdrop to use. he kept asking me what i wanted to do...And then he tried to upsell me on every photo! It's a good thing the photos came out good, because I would have been really upset otherwise!

The season premiere of Starting Over was this Monday. love, love, love that show! And I can tell this season is going to be full of good stuff! I think Josie is my favorite person on the show. She has grown so much! I wish I could go on that show...but, then I would have to leave Kya! For all you stay at home moms out there it is worth the watch!


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