This Old Shirt

Trevor and I were putting the laundry away before going to bed and I came across my Favorite Shirt of All Time. This shirt has been through so much with me!! I started wearing it back when I was a freshman in high school! It is a shirt of my dad's that he used wear ( I am assuming when I was a little girl. It is a long sleeve button down with small dark blue and black checks with red pin strips running through it. When I was in high school my favorite thing to do was to wear jean and a red t-shirt and then tie it around my waist. I remember wearing it on a date to disneyland. In College, I would wear it around the dorms when I was studying. I love this shirt!! I wore to and from dance class as a cover up over my leotard. I wore it during my first trimester or pregnancy with Kya. I still wear it today. The edges of the fabric around the collar have been lovingly worn off by the washing machine. The last time I wore it was on our trip to disneyland with Kya recently. It's such a great shirt!! I think I will probably keep it forever!


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