Back Home

It feels good to be back in our own home. A little weird too, if you can believe it. I had gotten used to being in a house. I am feeling a little dizzy today...the hormones must be raging!! I don't think Kya got the Johnson and Johnson commercial, they never called over the weekend. Oh well, at least she is still "working" on the movie. The next time we go in for that is thursday.
My dad and robyn are back from China safe and sound. And from what I know so far it was a great trip. I think they are very tired right now, so it was hard to get much detail from them!

Church was really good yesterday. Convicting. Trevor and I are starting a new habit every night. After dinner and clean-up, but before we watch any TV or do anything else, we read the Word for 30-60 minutes and spend time in prayer. We are setting a goal for two weeks without missing a day and we will keep setting that goal! I am really excited about it. Yesterday passage was 2 Timothy 3 and 4. It changes things when you know that those are Pauls final words in writing and he wrote them from a dungeon. God is so powerful in the way he uses people.


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