Called Back

Well, I could save this for Tomorrow, but i think I will just have to tell you that Kya was indeed CALLED BACK for the Johnson and johnson commercial. I am so excited. they auditioned all of us again and it was a lot different than I have ever done an audition. It was much like the "cattle call" style, where everyone shows up at relatively the same time and you go in to audition with a group. so, there we were, in front of the decision makers and all Kya wanted to do was eat and chew her name card!!! She even gave them her whine (it's beginning to get on my nerves!). It was pretty anti-climatic. But we shall see!! It shoots wednesday and and we will know by tomorrow night whether we will be in it. Hope so, hope so!!!

Kya now has a costume thanks to her grandma robyn! She will be a little chinese girl, complete with a Kimono Style outfit! It is so cute on her!! I wasn't going to do anything, thinking she would only be in the outfit for one night and she is so young, but the costume is sooooo cute!!

Did I mention already that Kya is almost crawling? She scoots with her legs and only uses one arm. It's as if she is paralyzed and can only use that appendages!! It's a memory maker to see her "crawl". And she gave my dad a wave today at the office. It was so cute!!! First wave, ever!!! She is growing up so fast!!!!!


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