cold weather

Kya and I went out to walk Trevor to his car this morning and it was sooooo cold outside!! He commented that it really wasn't that cold, that if it were, Kya would not be able to be outside. I thought about that and I realized that I am weak when it comes to weather. I love the cold, but only just enough to wear long sleeves or a sweater and after about two months i am ready for it to be warm again! I love the ambiance that cold weather brings though. Fires in the fireplace, hot cocoa, cider, or coffee...warm cinnamon rolls for breakfast and snuggling up on a couch to take a nap or read a good book or be with those you love!

I am helping to make a rag time quilt for a friend. I am cutting the fabric while my friend Alicia is sewing it for me. And then I will go back and cut the fringe. I am really excited about it and will be going over there today to work on it since Kya wasn't called for the movie yet. Which is another fun thing to so in cold weather..stay inside and work on a project and talk with friends. I am so glad she is helping me, I don't know anything about sewing and it will make it that much more special to work on it with her!

My friend Gabbie's daughter Emma is turning one on Monday and they are having the birthday party on Saturday. I am sort in awe of how fast all of our kids are growing up. so fast!!!! It seems like just yesterday was Gabbie's baby shower!! Emma is so independant too, already walking, I can't wait to see what she does with the cake!!

Before I sign off I want to make a shameless plug for Prop 71 (Stem Cell Research). VOTE NO ON PROP 71!!! There are no exclusions for Embryonic Stem Cells being used and it is not right to use Human Embryos cloned solely for the purpose of research and then destroying them...those are unborn babies..we were all tiny cells at one time and God still had a plan for our lives!!! So, VOTE NO!

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