Discovering New Friends

Last night, we went over to the Chris and Alexandra Watson's for an after dinner get together. It was just a time to get to know one another and talk over the possibility of them joining up with us to start a grace group with our church. Trevor and I are taking the month of October to pray over where we should be (in a group or not). We feel led in the direction of starting a La Habra grace group and so last night we went to talk to the Watson's and see what their thoughts were. I knew I already enjoyed Alexandra from my working with her through Creative Memories, but I really enjoy her as a friend too! They are so welcoming. They seem to like the same things we do and we were able to relate about our kids together. They have the two most adorable little girls- Brienna and Cassidy-so full of life and energy and always wanting to "perform" for us! They reminded me of myself at that age-the little "drama queen" that I was. It was so nice to sit around the family and just talk. We got to hear about how they met and how they knew they loved each other. We even discussed politics! It was so much fun! I look forward to starting a group with them soon.

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  1. They are a wonderful couple, I know you will be blessed getting to know them. You might have learned this already, but they are big Settler's fans also. They taught it to us. But their friends/family are hard core, so don't expect to win if you play with them!