Sorry I have been MIA for a few days...We are house sitting for my dad and robyn who are in China (long story). So we are living it up at the Paynter Casa. I have been doing laundry everyday and Kya has adjusted well for the week that we have been there. we will be back around our house on Sunday. I have really enjoyed TiVo and the big TV and I will miss it when we are gone. Kya and I watch "Happily Ever After: Fairytales for every child" on the HBO Family channel every morning at 7:30am and I watch "designer Guys" on DSC when she is napping in the morning. It's a great show!

Thanks to the Steens for watching Kya last night. Trevor and I were able to go to the Olive Garden with a gift certificate for Date Night!!! Woo-hoo! I love Olive Garden. And they always have such great service!!!

Kya had a commercial audition today!!! For Johnson and Johnson. We will know over the weekend whether or not she gets a call back and then we will know on the 26th whether she gets the commercial. AND.....She is working as an extra (in the background) on a feature film on Friday, and for three more days (TBD). Woo-hooo again! Things are picking up for her!!

It is so exciting! Praise God!!!


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