Happy Harvest!

So, today is Halloween...We are choosing not to "celebrate" this year for many reasons. But, i won't et into that. Kya will still dress up though. We are going to go to the Rose Drive Friends Church Harvest Festival tonight, for something to do (It also takes care of not having to pass out candy). I have never been to one, so it should be lots of fun! The Church campus is also where I went to junior high!! It will be fun to re-live memories!

Tomorrow, Kya and I will be making our way once again to be in the movies, did I tell you about our little "fiasco" on the set on Friday? She cried as soon as she was in front of the camera!!!!!! But then, she got a second chance to be on camera and it was a success!! So, look for her in the movie "Sky High" in the "prom scene".

We had a leisurely morning yesterday...We slept in and so did Kya. So much so, that we brought Kya to Emma's First Birthday still in her jammies. She didn't mind. The party was a lot of fun! We got to catch up with friends and see Emma attack her cake!! She was timid at first and then when she realized she was allowed to go for it, She did!!! She had frosting on her nose, in her hands, on her clothes! It was great. There was so much Family, that we didn't get good pictures, but I think they are covered in that department ten fold!!

Well, I hope everyone has a safe halloween and a blessed Sunday!


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