I made it, I made it!

So, there is so much to write about!!!

First, I made the 60 day success goal for my creative memories business. As a result, i will recieve twice the incentive gifts!! I must say that I could not have even come close to the dollar amount without my wonderful amazing upline-Alexandra! She helped me achieve my goal-woo-hoo!!!

Second, to coin Alicia's phrase "sicky-poo". Trevor is just that...sicky-poo. He just can't seem to shake this cold. it is really doing a number on him. Kya and I have been able to avoid it so far.

Third, I went to my second doctor's appointment for peanut #2. I switched doctor's to Dr. Linzey in Orange. He came highly recommended from so many people that I really feel he is the right person for this baby. I had an initial consultation with a nurse and she was so awesome. She took all of my concerns and apprehensions seriously. In fact she had two other nurses in the room with her researching and discussing my issues and then she order an ultrasound to put my and her concerns at ease. woo-hoo! And on top of that St. Joseph's allows for the donation of Cord Blood!!!!! And it won't cost me a thing!

Fourth, I went to my first MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) on thursday morning. I had suc a good time! They take care of the kids for you and there is a speaker, a craft, and discussion time. To top it off two ladies I knew from Jr High and High School were on the leadership team!! It is just what I need!!!!!!

we have another big weekend ahead of us. Why do we try to cram so much in???

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  1. Sounds like your party at Alicia's was a success, and sounds like your business in whole is doing awsome. Way to go!! MOPS sounds like such an awsome thing.