If You're Happy and You Know It...

Kya clapped tonight!!!!! On her own, by herself!! Trevor and I were on our way homw from my parents house tonight when Trevor looked back to the backseat and said " I think Kya is clapping..." I looked back and sure enough, there was my little piglet clap clap clapping away! She would stop and then we would clap and then she would clap! It was a precious sight. It is amazing the kinds of things that bring you joy as a parent...simple little things...the way she smiles...the way she laughs at Kristiaan or Emma and most recently Brienna and Cassidy. She delights in other children! It's those little things that get me. Every morning during the week, Kya and I (still in our jammies) walk Trevor out to the car. Kya loves this time of the morning. She loves to be held by Trevor and to watch the world from his arms. Robyn pointed out to me today that it is a joy to watch her when she is in your arms. If you look down at her, at any moment you can see her discovering the world around her....the way the wheels move on Trevor's car...the way the keys jingle-jangle in my hands...the texture of her "dolly's" hair...She has most recently become fascinated with page-turning. She loves to turn the pages of books just for he sake of it!! She has also discovered her "outdoor" voice, which she frequently uses inside-screaming in her highchair at 7:30 am. I can't wait to see what she does next!


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