A reeeaallly good day!

Yesterday was such a good day!! In a sort last minute moment my friend Esther called me up and offered to babysit yesterday for the whole day. I was resistent at first, mostly because I thought that I shouldn't out that burden of two babies on her for a whole day...But she insisted and said that steve would be around to help if needed. So I said okay and at 8 am yesterday, I dropped Kya off and she went down for a nap and I left. Trevor and I returned at 6:30!!!! We had dinner with the Shermans and had to go by 8 pm, because Kya was getting tired and fussy. I cannot tell you what a gift that was! Really, a gift. I thought I was going to be worried the whole time and ruin my day "off". I called Esther to check up on things (okay, i couldn't help myself) and when she said Kya was doing really well I was elated!! I didn't worry the rest of the day. AND, I got things done, I had time to relax, I had lunch with Trevor. I even went to the Doctor's office for "peanut". It was seriously, such a good day. I looked forward to coming back to Kya and felt like that was just the right amount of time and activity for me! Woo-hoo! Praise the Lord for Esther!!

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  1. It's so nice and important to have good freinds! I'm so glad you had that "REEEAALLLY GOOD DAY". I know how important my freinds are to me. Without them I would just be lost. They bring me such joy each day. It's so hard that my really close freinds are so far away, especially my best freind Christy who is a Bible Translator with her husband and 2 children in Papua New Guinea. The amazing thing is that we keep in such good touch threw e-mail, chatting, real main, etc. So really, no distance is to far to keep a good freindship! I'm really excited for your little penut! Can't wait to see pictures when he/she is born. The way you talk about Kya just fills my heart with warmth and joy and strengthens by deep desire to have a family with littles all around someday. Your blogs are so real and encouraging!