Back from a crazy weekend...

it's the start of another week. Kya has gron leaps and bounds socially. She now knows a few sign language motions. "good job" and "bye-bye". She even says "ba-ba" when she waves! And when we sing "three little monkeys" at grandmas, she points her finger and says "jumpin, jumpin, jumpin" It brings me such joy!! She is so precious and she loved being at her grandma and grandpas for the weekend. Saturday we went to Aunt Jessica's baby shower and we saw Grandma Tisa and Grammy and Aunt Neille. We also got to see Jess and how she is doing. Jonathan is not back from the hospital yet, but he is breathing on his own, so thats great!! We had to leave early because my sister Heather and Jake were in town and only able to see us on Saturday night! It was so wonderful to spend time with them, I can't wait until Christmas!!! Then, on sunday morning, we just took it slow. Trevor came home and I was soooooooo happy. I called him on Saturday because I missed him so much ( I have raging hormone!). Then I remembered all the things I had to get done on Sunday! And trying to get out the door to go to scrapbooking...I looked up at the clock and it was 4:00, And we still had to drive across town!! so i never made it and we came home and unpacked all our stuff from the weekend.


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