Christmas is coming

Yesterday I went to the mall with Kya in the afternoon. this was a nice break from the somewhat stressful day we had. Not really stressful for her, but for me. She only took one hour naps and so when I would just be falling asleep after some chores, she would wake up!! This also left bigger chunks of time for her to need attention and playtime. Which made me tired and stressed me out. So, i decided to go Christmas shopping at the mall and this did the trick to entertain her (constantly) and I got Christmas shopping done!!! I am in fact almost done with everyone on our list!! Except for Trevor and Kya. They will be the most time consuming.

Trevor and I are moving out of our apartment as of Dec 1. and I am in seriously mover's denial. I don't want to think about it at all, much less get started. And theres a lot to do! It makes me so sensitive to what Aaron and Alicia went through with their move. what do you pack for storage and what do you pack for the house?


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